Friday, September 30

Welcome to URPSA's website!

Hello everybody,

This is the beginning of URPSA's weblog. This space is for information and discussion relating to Michigan State University's Urban and Regional Planning Student Association. Here, URPSA leaders can inform members and other interested students about our current activities. This will also be a place for discussion about current issues affecting the planning community and students.

URPSA hopes to accomplish many things this year. Here is a list of the ideas discussed at the last meeting:

  • Organizing field trips to nearby cities (Detroit, Grand Rapids, Chicago, and Toronto) to investigate cutting-edge issues.
  • Community Outreach and participation in the Junior Citizen Planner program
  • Networking and Career Guidance
  • Renovation of Room 10 into a student lounge
  • Working with other student associations in the new School of Planning, Design, and Construction
  • Activities for World Town Planning Day (November 8)
  • Making arrangements for the American Planning association Conference in San Antonio
  • Sim City Tournament
  • "City in Celluloid" Movie Nights
  • Printing a Newsletter
  • ... and much much more.
In addition - this website will vastly improve over the course of the year. Current goals for the website are the creation of a new logo, accessing URPSA's MSU webspace, and adding a calendar to the front page.

I hope you enjoy this exciting new website!


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